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Merakene Thermoplastic Vulcanizate-TPV

Merakene TPV compounds based on PP and EPDM  and other elastomers with additives. Compounds are suitable for automotive, medical, healthcare applications. Fully cured EPDM is finely dispersed in a Polyolefin matrix. This enables the material to combine the characteristics of vulcanized rubber with the processing ease of thermoplastics.


At Meraki, we offer balanced mechanical properties of low compression set, high flexibility, resiliency,tear-resistance, and high tensile strength. Our TPV combines good physical properties and chemical resistance for use in a wide range of injection molding applications.


Merakene TPV is shear-dependent and can be processed on conventional thermoplastics equipment for injection molding or blow molding. It is completely recyclable and reusable. We have designed TPV to bond with other polyolefin compounds during co-injection and co-extrusion. Our specially designed TPV with lower density reduces part weight and recyclability ensues Zero Scrap.




  • Products are available in a wide range of Hardness from 30 Shore A to 50 Shore D

  • 100% recyclable with low scrap generation

  • Low odor and good surface quality

  • Excellent resiliency and compression set, high-temperature resistance, and good heat stability

  • Good abrasion resistance and high tear strength

  • Easy processing on conventional thermoplastic equipment with the high flow for long and thin parts with shorter cycle time

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