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940 x 534 Merakene ™ TPO Compound.jpg
Merakene Thermoplastic Olefin-TPO

Merakene TPO is a blend of amorphous elastomer and crystalline thermoplastics reinforced with fillers and performance additives. This modification provides better ductility and impact resistance. Merakene TPO is easy to process and lightweight in nature. These compounds impart exceptional toughness at low temperature with a balance of impact, stiffness, and tensile.


Merakene TPO provides excellent insulation from Noise, vibration, and heat as well as better dimensional stability and increased Heat Deflection Temperature(HDT). Though the cost of TPO is often slightly higher than traditional PP compounds, TPO is still a very cost-effective choice for applications requiring good impact resistance and stiffness when other PP or PE materials do not meet the application demand.


  • Compounds are lightweight

  • Provides better chemical resistance

  • Excellent resistance to UV,Ozone,weathering,water solutions,acids ,bases,alcohols and detergents

  • Superior colorability with controlled gloss as required

  • Good abrasion, Scratch, mar resistance

  • 100% recyclable with low scrap generation

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