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940 x 534 Merakene ™ TPE Compound.jpg
Merakene Thermoplastic Elastomer - TPE

Thermoplastic Elastomers, or TPEs, are the first choice for soft, flexible materials due to their robust properties, cost effectiveness, and design flexibility. As a global leader in compounding, Meraki Polymers offers the broadest portfolio of TPE technologies in the industry. We offer products in a range of "0" Shore A hardness to '"50" Shore D Hardness compounds. With our focused approach to meet the market's needs, our TPE product lines are aligned with the industries. Standard grades meet the necessary regulations and specifications for that industry, pre-qualifying the compound for an application, and accelerating our customers' speed to market with new products.

Specialised TPE Compound              

Our highly experienced and qualified technical team innovated speciality compounds for critical applications. Unique performance characteristics like improved flow properties, high to achieve more complex designs. While our competitors focus on one chemistry, at Meraki Polymers, we offer multiple chemistries under one brand, which allows us to recommend the solution best suited for your specific application.    

Sound Barrier and Anti-Vibration Compound

TPE is designed especially with dense materials to block sound waves or vibrations. Merakene TPE has both soft and hard segments to offer the solution. The team has developed excellent vibration-damping materials enjoying the freedom of design that thermoset cannot achieve.    

500 x 275 Sound & Vibration Damping.jpg
Pharma and Healthcare Compound

Meraki's Pharma and Healthcare Compound meets the international standards                
Our TPE is designed with                 

  • Precise Formulation

  • FDA approved ingredients

  • Dos not contain any Pthalates, Halogens, BPA, or Latex

  • Free of animal-derived materials(ADM-Free)

  • Our TPE can pass below tests

    • Biocompatible-ISO 10993 and Vitro Cytotoxicity compatibility test

    • REACH, and ROHS 

    • SVHC, and 21 CFR test    

500 x 275 Pharma Compound.jpg
ABS/NYLON/PC Bondable Compound                

At Meraki, the product development process starts with your application. Our technical team select the proper Resin, modifier, additives, fillers to meet your performance and cost requirements. Our discovered bond-able compounds can be easily over-molded      and can not be separated from a polar substrate by Human efforts.

500x275 Cable Compound.jpg
Wire and Cable Compound

The wire and cable industry is a high growth marketplace and The demand for power and telecom products is expanding rapidly. At Meraki, team has discovered TPE with unique combination of toughness, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, antimicrobial, flexible materials to avoid hard environments effects. The compound is suitable for both extrusion and injection molding. Meraki TPE  can also be used with wire and cable jacketing and insulation, electrical connectors, and plugs.        

500x275 Cable Compound.jpg
Compounds for Sports Equipments                

Our Environment friendly, flexible, and with high resilience, Meraki offers TPE in a wide color range. Our TPE offers value in saving total costs i.e.labor, manufacturing, and production. We have regular supplies in Yoga Mat, resistance bands, etc.    

500x275 Sports Compound.jpg
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