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Thermoplastic Elastomers(TPE) are high-performance materials. Whose application in various industries is rapidly increasing. In addition, Meraki TPE provides high durability, antifungus and antibacterial properties, toughness, design flexibility, resiliency, and high performance at low cost.

Automotive and Transportation

At Meraki, specially designed Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds TPE make automobiles more energy-efficient by reducing weight the of part. The lightweight of TPE enables more fuel-efficient vehicles, from compounds that hide under the hood to the ones more on the exterior. Our highly experienced R&D team makes it possible to discover and supply suitable product solutions for critical applications.

Electrical & Electronics

Meraki Thermoplastic Elastomers(TPEs) offers a wide range of products for the Electrical and Electronics market. Our TPE gives excellent bonding to many polymers, easy colorability using masterbatch. With high UV resistance, excellent surface appearance & 100% recyclability, our MERAKENE TPE suits for both extrusion and injection molding.

Medical/Health care

Meraki TPE is a trusted partner when it comes to medical applications, as it is always a matter of transparency and ethics. Medical device manufacturers increasingly turn to thermoplastic elastomers for applications that require flexibility or rubber-like elasticity. In applications like dropper bulb and Syringe Gasket, some customers have chosen us as a trusted partner.


Meraki TPE offers an excellent balance of price and performance for Industrial applications. Very soft grades of '"Zero Shore A "are available with us. We can provide customized products with high abrasion resistance, UV & Ozone resistant. Our products are available in easily colorable and pre-colored form also.

Household appliances

Meraki TPE offers greater performance benefits, better aesthetics to your products compared to a competitor's product. Additional cushioning, protection, soft-touch grip will surely help customers to choose us as a business partner. Merakene have a smooth, silky feel or can give a tacky surface for grips. Our TPE provides excellent adhesion to rigid plastic substrates and anti-slip surfaces. Merakene can be custom colored to match any required colors.

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